Stories are compelling and data is convincing. At VPI we evaluate nonprofits’ effectiveness and fertility - growth potential - utilizing our Pedal Methodology TM. We start with an understanding of each nonprofit’s purpose and where it’s currently headed.  We also look at the community and the current funders of the organization for catalytic overlap.  Our deliverables vary depending on the scope of the engagement.  Evaluations include:


  • Data gathering from interviews and organizational reporting

  • Data analyses of hard and soft data

  • Development of key indicators of success (qualitative and quantitative) unique to each organization against chosen benchmarks in an easy to understand report card 

  • Reporting to include actionable recommendations for operational and strategic decision making 


Life is an adventure and so are nonprofits! We help you capitalize non-traditional funding opportunities by identifying and vetting new investment opportunities from the shared values of the key stakeholders. By utilizing our relationships and  / or aggregate funds we breathe new life into charitable investments.  


 At VPI we provide management and accountability to charitable investments to foster governance, organizational structure and culture that best fits short and long term needs. We believe that continued reconciliation and remediation of soft assets / intangibles (including shared values) as well as hard assets provides clarity to the chaos of today’s environment.