To meet today's challenges we need to create clarity from chaos. Our shared values brings us together.  Its the lack of return on our investment that keeps us from giving more.  There are more than 1.5 million nonprofits in the United States alone and the number of new nonprofits increases each year.  Many nonprofits don't have a strong lead donor that can champion a Values Proposition.  About half of the nonprofits are likely to fail within the first few years not because of a lack of passion but because of a lack of a comprehensive focused plan and poor leadership.


Values Proposition, Inc. is a 501c-3 that has the experience and relationships to unify stakeholders and turn your donations into investments which pay qualitative and quantitative returns.  If you like what you see then help us reduce the costs to the non profits.  Your partnership is critical to make sure we can continue to help nonprofits account for thrive and fulfill their mission to help others. 



Help us change the way the world values shared values!

"The adventure of capitalizing nonprofits is honorable and exhilarating!"-- Doug Karr

PO Box 101, Mayo, MD 21106

email  |   410.353.5948 | VALUESProposition.org

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