Building Non-Profits that can weather any storm

In a post covid-19 world you need to create clarity from chaos... 

VALUES Proposition, Inc. (VPI) understands the unique challenges facing non-profit donors.  You want to make a difference through your giving and you would do more if you felt more confident in your investment...


  • Is the nonprofit in touch with the real needs of the community? 

  • Are they living out their own principles and maximizing impact?  

  • Can we agree on measurable outcomes so I don't have to restrict funds? 

  • As a donor am I treated like an investing partner in the cause?  

  • Do I have other opportunities to partner with my time and talents?    


At VALUES Proposition, Inc.  we provide non-traditional funding support, relationships and investment opportunities  to unify donors, non profit organizations and the community to accelerate and maximize their impact.  VPI also works with social investors who wish to assist organizations that want to maximize their returns in more sustainable communities.

Why VALUES Proposition, Inc.?

 there is power in the 
more than 
25 years 
entrepreneurial spirit
values based
focus on 


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PO Box 101, Mayo, MD 21106

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